It’s been over a month, and I’m ashamed I haven’t written anything.

I do have good reason, though.

Am almost three weeks after my last chemo therapy, thus I’ve been exhausted. I am recovering from the effects of that last treatment, and in a week or so, I should begin to recover from the whole thing.

I also had the mad idea, few weeks back, to perform a so called death cleaning (swedish concept) of my home. Being exhausted, I do very little at a time, but I’m getting there.

But because of that, I haven’t sat down to read any of the books I have. I want to be able to concentrate and be a geek about it, and I can’t do that when I know there’s so much to do in my home.

But there’s plenty to read and to write about. I look forward to be able to do that – knowing that my home is at its best.

I even have a specific shelf for literature that I intend to (re)read, just by my desk. It’s so handy to have them close.

So in some sort of near future, you can expect to read about laughter, obsceneties, and lots of other interesting stuff.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get done with my home sooner rather than later, and that I recover enough so I can focus and concentrate properly to get some reading done.

Because I can’t wait to start writing on this blog, for real.


This is me, sharing my fascination with the grotesque, the macabre, the disfigured, the ugly and the dark – mainly in art and literature, but I might quite possibly also indulge into the twists of the human mind.


Feel free to read, share and comment – I appreciate it.