Grotesque basics

Literature used for this post: Grotesque, by Justin D. Edwards and Rune Graulund Buy this book on Amazon (US)Buy this book on Adlibris (Sweden). The grotesque as a concept is so big I find it difficult to know where to start. I just started reading the book mentioned above, and finished the first chapter dealing

Soon, I promise!

It’s been over a month, and I’m ashamed I haven’t written anything. I do have good reason, though. Am almost three weeks after my last chemo therapy, thus I’ve been exhausted. I am recovering from the effects of that last treatment, and in a week or so, I should begin to recover from the whole

Truth to be told

Truth, as described and discussed in this post, is an abstract. As such, it functions more as a mirror rather than a constant. The perception of truth is subjective and personal, and I dare argue it cannot be objective, since there will always be some value put onto it through our understanding of it. What

Gothic defined

The gothic art and literature from the 19th century is something completely different than the subculture we call goth of today. Since this is a blog about art through history, I am taking the liberty of ignoring the present subculture goth, and will focus on the movement of gothic literature, to then explore if the

Grotesque plans

Oh, but I have so many plans for this blog! My plans are such that I feel the need to put down some boundaries for them. I want to write about art grotesque in its complete glory, but I can’t write about everything at once. That’s just impossible. As I very quickly, on a whim,

Let’s kick off

Before we can even begin analyzing something, regardless of what, we need to understand how we see, interpret and understand what we see.

It’s a bit tricky, and easy to stumble about on this topic, so let’s see if we can get started with some basic understanding of the process of seeing.


Is it that the life you are forced into when your mother pushes you out between her thighs that sort of gifts you with the interests you end up with?

If so, it really is no wonder why I am the way I am.

I am deeply drawn to the twisted human mind, to the secrets that hide in darkness, to that which forces our minds to turn itself inside and out in madness.

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