Oh, but I have so many plans for this blog!

My plans are such that I feel the need to put down some boundaries for them. I want to write about art grotesque in its complete glory, but I can’t write about everything at once. That’s just impossible.

As I very quickly, on a whim, really, decided to do this, it didn’t take long until I realized I need to invest in some literature. I do, of course, have literature – but not so much on art grotesque as a concept, but rather on a very specific part of it.

I wrote a semi-advanced essay (C-uppsats, for all the Swedes out there) about the language used in gothic literature of the 19th century, and how it can be visualized in photography – and I also analyzed photography from that period in time. This is why almost all the literature I already have is focused on the gothic and sublime.

So at the moment, the plan is to start writing about language versus imagery, based on gothic literaterature from the 19th century.

I am currently researching literature on art grotesque as a whole, and also narrowing it down to certain parts that I am interested in.

For example; I am quite interested in the carnevalesque within the grotesque. There are a few books I want to buy, but it may take a while due to financial hindrances (such as power bills, the cost of groceries in Sweden at the moment, et cetera).

I am also curious to read more on the ugly and the disfigured, and why we are so fascinated by that.

Which leads me to further interest in the concept of evil – and death. Those two might be put into the gothic part, though.

Since I also do have a focus on photography, it may very well be that I’ll write more about that. I am, of course, very interested in the analysis of photography, and I believe I may have some things to add to that when it comes to how we analyze photography. It may not be 100% related to art grotesque, but it’ll be more than interesting nonetheless.

When it comes to boundaries, I think I’ll keep this project limited to mainly art, and exclude art forms such as film and music. I want to keep literature because I find language an important part in how it shapes our view of how we percieve and understand what we see and experience. Architecture is something I need to think about, since the grotesque most certainly has its part in it, but architecture is not my strong suit.

Over time, I can see myself putting together some sort of e-books on certain aspects of this. Depending, of course, on my own interest in it – but since I not only like art grotesque, but also to write, photograph, not to mention design layouts, I wouldn’t hold it beyond myself to do just that.

My very, very general plan is to be really geeky about this. It’s been a long time where I haven’t had any focus on this at all – which is a shame, because I really enjoy it. Therefore, I am looking forward to become a supernerd on art grotesque.

So, please, stay tuned and follow me on my grotesque journey.


This is me, sharing my fascination with the grotesque, the macabre, the disfigured, the ugly and the dark – mainly in art and literature, but I might quite possibly also indulge into the twists of the human mind.


Feel free to read, share and comment – I appreciate it.