This has very little to do with art grotesque per se – and yet, it has everything to do with it. About thirty years ago (bloody hell, I’m getting old), as a teenager, I was involved in a re-enacting group… Continue reading

It’s been over a month, and I’m ashamed I haven’t written anything.

I do have good reason, though.

Am almost three weeks after my last chemo therapy, thus I’ve been exhausted. I am recovering from the effects of that last… Continue reading

Oh, but I have so many plans for this blog!

My plans are such that I feel the need to put down some boundaries for them. I want to write about art grotesque in its complete glory, but I… Continue reading

Is it that the life you are forced into when your mother pushes you out between her thighs that sort of gifts you with the interests you end up with? If so, it really is no wonder why I am the way I am. I am deeply drawn to the twisted human mind, to the secrets that hide in darkness, to that which forces our minds to turn itself inside and out in madness. Continue reading


This is me, sharing my fascination with the grotesque, the macabre, the disfigured, the ugly and the dark – mainly in art and literature, but I might quite possibly also indulge into the twists of the human mind.


Feel free to read, share and comment – I appreciate it.