This has very little to do with art grotesque per se – and yet, it has everything to do with it. About thirty years ago (bloody hell, I’m getting old), as a teenager, I was involved in a re-enacting group in Sweden – medieval times. It’s been just about thirty years ago, and I just joined this society again.

Now, I do admit – most of my interest in joining this society (Society for Creative Anachronism/Sällskapet för Kreativ Anakronism) is to find a platform for my interest in art grotesque, and also what would be known as witchcraft.

I am going to use my membership in this society for writing about what interests me from the medieval era. I’ll need a lot more reading before I can actually write something – for the society or this blog, but still. I think my main interests in the medieval art department has to do with art grotesque and gothic art.

Which leads me to say that once I’m done referring books that I read, the focus on this blog may very well end up on medieval art grotesque, and on the gothic era in the 18th and 19th century, not to mention, my own philosophical discussions regarding art (photography, mainly).

I have no idea where this society will take me – it’s a shared interest with many other people, and at this moment in time, that’s quite enough. Being an introvert, the way I am, I find it hard to believe that I’ll change my social habits much.

But – hopefully, I’ll get to know some new people, I’ll get to write about things that I find important and interesting. That in itself will be fulfilling, in my book.

So with a little luck, there will be loads of interesting material coming up (over time, mind you) here on the blog. And the blog will stay the same; art grotesque in general, but with three points of focus;

  • medieval grotesquerie
  • gothic grotesque/gothic (18th/19th century)
  • theory/methods on art


This is me, sharing my fascination with the grotesque, the macabre, the disfigured, the ugly and the dark – mainly in art and literature, but I might quite possibly also indulge into the twists of the human mind.


Feel free to read, share and comment – I appreciate it.